UNC School of the Arts Piano Weekend

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is hosting its annual Piano Weekend on October 11, 2014.  Information regarding this event, including guest artist, internationally renowned pianist John O’Conor, and the piano competition, can be found in the brochure:


UNCSA Piano Weekend 2014

FPTA Faculty Recital

The Fayetteville Piano Teachers Association is presenting a faculty recital on Sunday, October 12th at 5:00 p.m. in Hoff Hall at Methodist University.  Please note the change in the date (it was originally scheduled for September 28th).  The purpose of this recital is to raise money for upcoming piano events for piano students in the greater Fayetteville area. We are currently seeking sponsorship from corporations and individuals.  Please read the documents included in this post to learn more about this event.  Any companies or individuals interested in sponsorship should contact FPTA President Val Muller at valmuller.piano@yahoo.com.


FPTA Oct 12 FacultyRecital Proposal

Oct 12 Recital Sponsorship Informatio1

Minutes from the FPTA Meeting, June 7th


Copy of the Minutes for the FPTA Meeting
The FPTA meeting took place on Saturday, June 7, 2014, following the Spring FPTA recital.
Elections were held for board positions:
President: Val Muller
Vice President: Dr. Scott Marosek
Secretary: Amanda Schafer
Treasurer: Chris Colon
Honorary Board Member: Bettye Morrow

FPTA 2015 Competition
We discussed possible improvements for next year’s competition. The competition is to take place sometime in April 2015. An email will be sent once the date is confirmed.

One suggestion was to switch to electronic forms and in PDF format. Quite a few people remarked that it was difficult to read the comments on the judging sheets. This will take care of that. It will also expedite the application process.

Another discussion involved repertoire. Some of the repertoire chosen for certain categories were too uneven in the level of difficulty. One suggestion was to reduce the repertoire list so that there are no more than five choices in each category. Another suggestion was to make the level of difficulty match that of the difficulty standards in the NCMTA competition list.

Speaking of the competition list, we would like to get the competition repertoire list set up as soon as possible. We are asking all members to send a list of repertoire pieces for consideration on the list. Please include the name of the piece, composer, the publisher of the book, an ISBN number (that one is optional, but certainly helpful), and the category (such as Junior A, or Elementary B). You may send your list to Dr. Scott Marosek at smarosek@methodist.edu. Please, no handwritten lists. Email is best!

We would ideally like to have this list completed and ready to publish by July. Music & Arts is going to take our list and make sure they have all the sheet music on site for us to explore.

We are pleased to announce that one of our sponsors from last year, JML, will be sponsoring our competition again this year.

FPTA Faculty Recital
There will be a faculty recital in September. A date has not yet been confirmed. Members are encouraged to participate as either a soloist, as part of an ensemble, or both. Please email Val Muller if you are interested in playing a duet and are in need of a duet partner (valmuller.piano@yahoo.com). This recital is to be a fundraising event for FPTA so that we can have funds for competitions, master classes, piano days, and other piano-related activities throughout the year. We are currently looking for sponsors for the event.
FPTA Website
FPTA has a website, fayncpianoteachers.com. One of the categories is “Find a Teacher.” This is an opportunity to list your services for free. People look for services online much more often than they do in newspapers or bulletin boards. I did a google search of “Fayetteville NC Piano” and this website came up, so it is a website that people will pull up when searching online. Therefore, it is a very useful tool that we should take advantage of more often.
If you would like to list yourself on the Find a Teacher page, please include the following:
-Your name (including any titles, like Dr., or NCTM)
-Your contact info (email address, phone number, website)
-Where you teach, such as Hope Mills, Spring Lake, Methodist University. I’m not including addresses here, as many of you teach at home, and it is safer to list the community area when advertising online.
-A brief bio of who you are, and who you teach. You can look online for ideas at the Raleigh Piano Teachers site, or the Durham Piano Teachers site
I would like to have this done by the first week of July at the latest. You may send your information to Amanda Schafer at ayschafer@hotmail.com.



FPTA Spring Recital

The FPTA Spring Recital is scheduled for Saturday, June 7th at 5:00 at Hensdale Chapel at Methodist University.  FPTA members may submit up to three students for consideration in the recital.  Please send the list of students with their pieces, including the composers’ names, to Amanda Schafer at ayschafer@hotmail.com no later than Thursday, June 5th.


FPTA Winners Recital: Updated Information

The FPTA Winners recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 10th at 3pm, at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.  The recital was originally planned to take place in the chapel, but that has changed.  The recital will now be held upstairs in the Choir Room.  Participants will use the After School/Music Office entrance, located off Westmont Drive.  Please note that the entrance to Westmont Drive from Bragg Blvd is blocked due to construction.


FPTA Competition Winners Announced

Thank you to all of the teachers and students who participated in the FPTA competition.  The winners are listed below.  The program for the winners’ recital (May 10th at 3p.m. at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church) will be announced shortly.  Any questions or comments may be sent to FPTA President Val Muller at valmuller.piano@yahoo.com or Amanda Schafer at ayschafer@hotmail.com.


1.  Braeden Finnegan

Student of Chris Colon

2.  Elena Chung

Student of Robert Bell

3.  Ryann Lacap

Student of Amanda Schafer


1.  James Kyung

Student of Robert Bell

2.  Steven Zhang

Student of Seung Ah Kim

3.  Hanna Chung

Student of Seung Ah Kim

Honorable Mention

Anil Gordon

Student of Val Muller


1.  Olivia Bishop

Student of Val Muller

2.  Lizette M. Gonzales-Mesa

Student of Val Muller

3.  Kristen Rhoda

Student of Val Muller

Honorable Mention

Lauren Morgan

Student of Chris Colon

Alyvia Crawley

Student of Robert Bell


1.  Jacob Nieves

Student of Val Muller

2.  D’Anna Sessoms

Student of Robert Bell

Honorable Mention:  McKenna Lacap

Student of Amanda Schafer

Honorable Mention:  Drew Smith


1.  Yebbit Hong

Student of Scott Marosek

2.  Sarah Garcia

Student of Danny Amendola

3.  David Brown

Student of Scott Marosek

Information for Saturday’s Competition

The FPTA Competition is scheduled for this Saturday, May 3rd, at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.  Please use the entrance closest to the Gathering Hall (also known as the Fellowship Hall), off Rockledge Road.  All other entrances will be locked for security purposes.  The competition is scheduled to begin at 9am, and doors will be open at 8:30am.  There will be four practice rooms available for warm ups.  Elementary A and B participants will perform in the Parlor.  Junior A, Junior B, and Senior participants will perform in the Chapel.

Please remind all students to bring all of the sheet music of the music they will perform.  All sheet music must be in original format and not photocopies.

The winners recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 10th, at 3pm, at the Chapel at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.  Students performing in the May 10th recital will need to enter through the Chapel door.

We would like to thank all of those who have signed up to volunteer this Saturday.  No more volunteers will be needed at this time.

Below is a map for Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.  Please note that the entrance to Westmont Drive off Bragg Blvd is closed due to road construction. There is also an updated schedule in PDF format which should be easier to view. Please email Amanda Schafer at ayschafer@hotmail.com if there are any questions or changes to be made.


Schedule for Junior A B and Senior Updated April30

Schedule for Elementary A and B as of April30



FPTA Contest Schedule for Saturday, May 3

This is the schedule for the FPTA Contest for Saturday, May 3rd.  The contest will take place at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church in Fayetteville.  There will be two judges adjudicating the contest.  Dr. Barry Salwen from UNC-Wilmington will be judging the categories of Junior A, Junior B, and Senior.  Leslie Davis will be judging the Elementary A and Elementary B categories.  Students participating in Elementary A and Elementary B categories will perform in the Parlor.  Students participating in Junior A, Junior B, or Senior categories will perform in the Chapel.  There will be a few practice rooms available for warm ups.  Please contact Amanda Schafer to address any questions or concerns about the schedule.

FPTA Contest 2014 ALL Elementary Schedule Parlor

FPTA Contest 2014 Junior A B Senior schedule