Church Pianist Needed

Camp Ground United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina is looking for a pianist to play once a month for the 8:30 and 11:00 services.  Necessary music would include a prelude, three hymns, an offertory, and a postlude.  Interested individuals should contact Victoria Wood at

Church Pianist Position

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church on Andrews Road in Fayetteville is looking for a pianist to play anywhere from one to four masses a month, and possibly an occasional extra service as needed.  Interested individuals should contact the music director, Jill Austin, 910-366-2634,

Pianist Needed for Event

A pianist is needed for Saturday, July 11, at the Orangery at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens.  This event is the instillation of the Rotary International District 7730 Governor.  Approximately 180 civic leaders from all over Southeastern North Carolina will be in attendance.  The pianist would play background music for approximately two hours that evening, beginning at 6:30.  The Cape Fear Botanical Gardens does not have a piano, so the pianist would need to bring a keyboard.

Contact Information:  David Baggett:, cell:  910-309-1061.

FPTA Contest Winners Announced!

Results are in for the Fayetteville Piano Teachers Association Competition.  Winners are listed below.  The Honors’ Recital will take place on Saturday, May 16th, at 12:30 at Hensdale Chapel at Methodist University.  Dr. Amanda Virelles will open the recital with a brief discussion on proper posture and hand position.  All competition participants are welcome to attend the recital.  Thank you to all of the teachers for your participation.


First Place:  Jenna Jo Mangus  (from the studio of Robert Bell)

Second Place:  Kayla Bednar  (from the studio of Robert Bell)

Third Place:  Tian-Lin Nyutu  (from the studio of Val Muller)

Honorable Mention:  Julian Lam (from the studio of Dr. Seung-Ah Kim)

Honorable Mention:  Braeden Finnegan  (from the studio of Chris Colón)



First Place:  Elena Kyung (from the studio of Robert Bell)

Second Place:  Jackson Finnegan  (from the studio of Chris Colón)

Third Place:  Mackenzie Fink  (from the studio of Chris Colón)

Honorable Mention:  Jackson Girard  (from the studio of Chris Colón)



First Place:  Abel Abraham  (from the studio of Val Muller)

Second Place:  Arianna Hemingway  (from the studio of Val Muller)

Third Place:  Corey Agrippa  (from the studio of Val Muller)

Honorable Mention:  James Kyung (from the studio of Robert Bell)

Honorable Mention:  Jaimie Buenaseda  (from the studio of Chris Colón)



First Place:  Michael Macias (from the studio of Dr. Scott Marosek)

Second Place:  Olivia Bishop (from the studio of Val Muller)

Third Place:  Kristen Rhoda (from the studio of Val Muller)

Honorable Mention:  Dev Sashidhar (from the studio of Dr. Scott Marosek)


First Place:  Nina Tan (from the studio of Robert Bell)


Upcoming Events

Anderson Creek Club-Woman’s Club is hosting a music competition for students grades 9-12.  The 1st round of competition is this Saturday, 10 January.  Students must play a classical piece at least 2 minutes long.  The winner will go on to compete in the District Festival in Raleigh on Saturday, February 7 against 9 other regional winners.  The winner of that round will go on to compete in the State Festival on Saturday, March 7.  For more information, please contact Natalie Whittington at 334-220-3092 or

Mary K. Paul Whitener Scholarship in Piano is a four-year scholarship for a student who has been accepted into a music program, with emphasis in piano, at a four-year college.  Judging is based upon talent and potential and not financial need.  The award is $1500 over a four-year period.  The ACC-Woman’s Club awards $250 to its recipient.  The recipient then becomes a candidate for this General Federation of Women’s Club music scholarship.  For further details, go to:

Directions/Submission Requirements:

  1. The Music Contests are open to grades 9-12.
  2. Contestants must perform one or two classical compositions of their own choice that may include arts songs or opera. [No Broadway, modern jazz, gospel (including hymns), country-western, “pop” or improvisation will be accepted.] When questioning the appropriateness of a composition, contact the Music Chair, Sandie Werderman at or at 910-814-0925.
  1. Time limits must be observed. Minimum: three (3) minutes. Maximum: five (5) minutes.
  1. Piano and Vocal contestants must perform from memory.
  1. Three (3) copies of the composition(s) to be performed must be brought for the judges’ use. At least one copy of the composition(s) must be an original copy.
  1. All contestants must be available to audition for the Anderson Creek Club Arts Festival, the District VI Arts Festival and the State Arts Festival.

7.  The ACC-Woman’s Club Chair, Music Contests will coordinate the following with the piano and vocal contest          winners: the dates and times to audition, and completion of the GFWC ENTRY FORM AND                   PARENT/GUARDIAN RELEASE FORM.  These forms are required to compete at the District VI and State Arts Festivals.


The music department at Chowan University is holding a piano competition for High School Junior and Senior students on February 28 in Murfreesboro, NC.  Prizes are scholarships to Chowan University for up to $4000.  More info can be found here:  2014-15 Piano Competition Brochure1


The 37th Annual Dr. Sharyn Edwards Piano Festival and Competition will be held March 12 – 14, 2015. The festival will feature artist Angela Cheng.  More information can be found at their website,  You can also download a brochure here:  SCCNCPiano Festival Brochure 2015.v2


Fayetteville Piano Teachers Association will hold its annual competition in April.  More information will be announced soon.  Repertoire lists and contest rules can be found on the FPTA website.


General Announcements

The fall FPTA student recital is scheduled for Saturday, December 6th, at 5:00p.m. at Hensdale Chapel at Methodist University.  FPTA members may submit up to three students to perform in the recital.  Depending on the length of each student’s piece, it may be possible to submit more than three students (beginner students’ pieces take much less time than say, a Beethoven sonata).  Please submit all information for the recital (including students’ names, title of pieces, opus number, composer, and duration of each piece) no later than December 1st.  Please email the information to

Annual dues are due by Monday, December 1st.   The fee is $45 for the year.  Please note that dues must be paid in order to participate in the recitals and other FPTA activities.  For information on dues, including the mailing address, please email

Meredith College is hosting its annual Keyboard Day on Saturday, November 15th, from 12:45-4:00.  The event is open to pianists in grades 8-12.  Registration is due by November 8.  More information can be found at their website: