Find a Teacher

If you are looking for a piano teacher in the greater Fayetteville area, you may contact any of the teachers listed on this page.


Danny Amendola

Location:  Fayetteville



Robert Bell

Location: Stedman

Bell’s Piano Lessons

7418 Clinton Rd., Stedman

(910) 723-5263

Accepting students ages 5-65


Liubov Borisova

Location:  Fayetteville

(862) 254-7034


Anastasia Bryant

Location:  Hope Mills/Westgate (Raeford)



Anna Bunn

Location:  Fayetteville

(910) 561-7711


Chris Colòn

Location: Fayetteville/Raeford (travels to homes), Skype

(910) 583-9898


Chima Enwere

Location: central Fayetteville; Music & Arts

(910) 273-3752


Dr. Seung-Ah Kim

Location:  Jack Britt, Hope Mills

(803) 429-6253


Dr. Scott Marosek

Location:  Fayetteville/Methodist University


Amanda Schafer

Location: Fayetteville, Lillington (Campbell University)

(910) 494-4655


Dr. Amanda Virelles

Location:  Fayetteville

(910) 672-8933

We have a Facebook page! FPTA Facebook Page


If you are an FPTA member and would like to be added to this list, please contact Chima Enwere at

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