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Membership Guidelines

Membership in FPTA shall be granted to a teacher who has fulfilled one of the following requirements:

a) A degree in music with a piano major from a college or university.

b) A degree in music with a piano minor from a college or university.

c) A degree in music with at least two years of piano study and a course in piano pedagogy.

d) Two years of piano, two years of theory, and a course in piano pedagogy, all from a college or university.

e) Applicants without college music experience must display evidence of a history of successful teaching experience.  Please attach additional documentation outlining teaching experience.  If accepted, applicants without college music experience will be assigned a mentor during their first year of membership.

Applicants for membership will be submitted to the Fayetteville Piano Teachers Association at the meeting following the date received, and will be presented for a vote.  If accepted, new members will pay full dues for the current year.  Dues are $50 for the year. Dues must be received before the first student recital of the fall semester.

Please send dues to:

Robert Bell

c/o Fayetteville Piano Teachers Association

P.O. Box 562

Stedman, NC  28391

Membership applications can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.  Application forms for membership can also be obtained by emailing us at

FPTA membership application